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Some Things I'm Currently Doing


Played competitively since sixth grade, competed in over 120 tournaments rated by the United States Chess Federation(USCF) mostly throughout the Bay Area. By spending most of my weekends since sixth grade playing in chess tournaments, it’s helped me improving my critical thinking abilities tremendously. Since chess is a mind sport, it’s also helped me develop valuable problem solving and planning skills, which are great life skills I’ve put to use at school, home, and anywhere in between on a daily basis. I've been playing in online tournaments recently, and I try to practice daily on chess sites like


Playing and practicing since 5 years old, planning to take the California Certificate of Merit Level 10 test in Spring 2022. I've learned mostly classical pieces, from artists like Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Schubert, and Clementi, to name a few. Videos of me performing coming soon! (hopefully)

Chess Club

I'm currently the President of my high school's chess club - I give lectures during meetings, and handle most of the club communication(emails, Discord, iMessages). I've helped to connect with other high schools in the Bay Area to hold multiple inter-school chess tournaments. We've also begun teaching chess weekly to elementary school students online during the pandemic.